My TVs HDMI source is Xfinity ,, I feed it to my sr373 Onkyo receiver,,,TV looks and sound great through the 373. At times,, I

Aug 4, 2018
My TVs HDMI source is Xfinity ,, I feed it to my sr373 Onkyo receiver then to Sony Bravia ,,,TV looks and sounds great through the 373. At times,, I don’t want to turn on the 373, but there is no sound from the TVs speakers. I thought this would be an automatic thing, or that when powered down, the Onkyo would pass the audio through. Is there a way to pass all the HDMI info. through the 373 without powering it up? Is this even possible??

Unfortunately not true.

Not all receiver support passthru. Consult manual for final answer. (tip: no need to read manual back to back, just download the PDF and do SEARCH).
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