My Vaio won't boot


Sep 28, 2014
Sony Vaio: Model- VGN CS 13G, 4 gig memory = 2pcs 2gig memory, DDR2 PC2 5300 667mHz

After over 2 years of continuous use, turning it on is now unpredictable. Sometimes even if the charger is attached, the light blue light in front would just light on and then fades out. I brought it to a private repair shop and was advised this is a "memory" problem. My memory sticks are relatively new. What could be wrong with it? It's performance is so unpredictable, could not determine whether it will turn on or not. Is there other option aside from replacing the sticks? Thanks for the advice.

Agera One

Apr 11, 2014
Have you did any dis-assembly -- reassembly of components inside the laptop?
Try booting with
1) only one stick installed in slot #1 and leaving the slot #2 empty
2) the same stick installed in slot #2, leaving slot #1 empty.

Do the same steps with other sticks. If atleast anyone works, then the problem isn't with memory sticks.

You can borrow a memory stick from friend, install it in your laptop and try booting.