My ZTE Citrine is stuck in a "boot loop" and won't power on but says its charging.


May 2, 2017
My ZTE Citrine is stuck in a "boot loop" and won't power on (or charge?). When I first plug it in the little battery shows on a black screen. Then it shows the white screen with "ZTE" in the middle and "powered by Android" at the bottom. It buzzes once and the red light on top is on while the white screen is up. It holds that for about 8 seconds then goes black. Stays black for about 1 second and then does it all over again. Just keeps looping like this indefinitely. Is there anything I can do? Please help!
Try turning on the phone in "Safe Mode" and see if it will fully load. If it will, then you probably have something it that is the cause of your problem. Bad app, malware, virus, etc. If it won't load in "Safe Mode" then it may be a software issue or a hardware one. You can try doing a "Hard Reset" but that will wipe the phone. If it is software that may well fix it. If it is hardware then a tech would have to look at it.

To get into "Safe Mode" please do the following.

1. First turn off the phone.

2. Next press and hold "Power" until you see the manufacturers logo on the screen, then release the power button.

3. "Quickly" press "Volume Down" and hold it for few seconds until you see the message "Safe mode: ON" or something similar.

4. If you wanted disable it, simply repeat the steps above, and you should see "Safe Mode: OFF" rather than on.

NOTE: Doing this will clear 'all' the data on your phone, so it is suggested you not choose this option unless you have to, or aren't worried about losing anything on the phone.

Be sure you back up any data you want to keep, to a computer or cloud account, before doing the reset.

To "Hard Reset" the phone...

1. Make sure that the phone is actually powered off.

2. Remove your SD card, if there is one in the device.

3. Press the "Power" and the "Volume Up" buttons, together, until you see the start-up logo on the screen.

4. Once you can see the logo, release the buttons and allow the device to enter the "System Recovery Mode".

5. Next use "Volume Down" button to get to the "wipe data/factory reset" option When in recovery mode the "Volume Up" and "Volume Down" buttons are how to can navigate and highlight what option you need.

6. Once you have selected the "wipe data/factory reset", press the "Power" button to select that option.

7. On the following screen, repeatedly press the "Volume Down" button until the "Yes - delete all user data" option is what is selected.

8. Then press the "Power" button to hard reset the phone.

9. If you took your SD card out in step 2, when the device is up and running again, reinstert the SD card.


May 2, 2017

Thanks for the response!! However, I tried what you've suggested and it seems to make no difference whatsoever. In addition I have tried holding the power button down longer and as I hold it, it just speeds up the process (like 3-4 second instead of 8 second cycle). Any combination of power button and volume (either up or down) seems to do nothing. I think it might be a lost cause. Thanks again though.
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