Nanya RAM Identification - possible fake? RAM Expert Required!


Jan 21, 2016
Hey Guys and Gals,

WARNING: Please bare with me - this is gonna be a long story

So I (IMO made the mistake) of purchasing a "Used and tested as working" Nanya RAM stick off an EBay seller in the hope of completing a little performance upgrade on an old machine - the purchased RAM doesn't work in my system :(

First of all, here is a bit of background on the machine:

  • Computer: COMPAQ Presario V2000 (V2627AU) gifted to me
    Chip: AMD Mobile Sempron
    RAM (working and already installed): Nanya NT512D64SH8B0GN-6K 512MB DDR-333MHz-CL2.5 PC2700S-25332
    Original OS (on system when received): Windows XP
    Current OS: Bodhi Linux (Legacy)

  • 1) Led to believe this COMPAQ can handle up to 2GB of RAM (1GB per slot x 2)
    2) That this is the match I need from the sticker: Nanya NT512D64SH8B0GN-6K 512MB DDR-333MHz-CL2.5 PC2700S-25332
What I have done:

  • 1) Removed AC adapter and battery
    2) Grounded myself
    3) Removed current working 512MB RAM from upper slot
    4) Inserted purchased 512MB RAM in underlying slot and replaced working stick in upper slot ensuring both are seated correctly
    5) Replaced battery and AC adapter connection and hit power on button
    6) System tries to boot and then goes into a continuous shutdown and reboot loop which takes only a few seconds with nothing but black screen and no ability to enter BIOS
    7) Repeat steps 1 and 2 and then remove both RAM
    8) Try purchased RAM in upper slot with same continuous shutdown and reboot loop being the result
    9) Repeat steps 1 and 2 and then remove purchased RAM from upper slot and insert in lower slot leaving upper slot free - same shutdown and reboot loop being the result
    10) Repeat steps 1 and 2 and then remove purchased RAM
    11) Insert known working RAM stick into lower slot and machine boots without issue
    12) Repeat steps 1 and 2 and place known working RAM in original upper slot with machine booting without issue
Therefore ... I believe I have ruled out the lower slot being the issue.

Further to the above information I have provided:

  • 1) The .... Nanya NT512D64SH8B0GN-6K 512MB DDR-333MHz-CL2.5 PC2700S-25332 description on the purchased RAM exactly matches that of the working stick with only the numbers appearing below the bar code differing which I don't believe should matter
    2) The purchased RAM looks VERY SHINY NEW for that which was supposedly pulled from a system used and then tested for operability with the plastic color being a slightly darker shade of green
    3) On the second side of the purchased stick there are 2 stickers with no numbers which correspond to the single sticker on the working stick
    4) There are slight visual dissimilarities between the working stick and the newly purchased stick upon close inspection (which I will try to point out in following images)
    5) The other difference I can see is that the codes on the chips themselves vary between the working and the purchased sticks but they also differ on each side of the working stick with the four chips on one side having the same numbering and the four chips on the other side having the same numbering but differing between the two sides (confusing I know!!)


The only information I could find from any numbering out of all of this was the following data sheet:

The above ... and a website that was totally in Chinese I believe and therefore wasn't really helpful.

So questions:

  • 1) Anyone of you RAM experts here of the same opinion as me thinking this is fake?
    2) If not fake then why wouldn't it work? Faulty? I messed up with my selection?
    3) Any advice please guys and gals?

I'm $40 (Australian) out on this purchase for a product that just don't work and when you say it quickly it's not a problem but it's also not the point - if I have received a product that is fake and doesn't work I would like to do all I can do get a full refund including for the product, postage for delivery here and postage for delivery back to the supplier (supposedly in the US but who knows hey). I am also hoping that if it is indeed a fake that by me taking up a case with Ebay that it might at least stop this one seller from trying to make money off of crap.

Appreciate anyone who has taken the time reading all this and for any helpful responses I may receive.