Need advice on a new laptop please


Oct 21, 2015
Hi all

So im hoping for some advice, i need a new old one failed and I know get the 3F0 error code and it won't recognise the hard drive or boot from a windows CD

My budget is £500 Max and im hoping to do the best gaming i can for that price, football manager 2015 + witcher 3(ultra low if needed) etc

So far I've been looking at2 laptop s after going through hundreds, i will post a link soon

The two GPUs are either a nvdia geforce 940m or a nvidia geforce gtx 950m

Both processors are dual cores around 2.4 boosting to 2.8

Which GPU is better? As far as i can tell it is the 950 which will play upto 2014 games quite well, i will be buying new.

Advice is appreciated please.

Here are the links:

the above is the one im thinking is best and I like the seller.

there's this

There is also this - Much cheaper, how much of a difference would the gpu make? I would make sacrifices to save £170

Ps. please do not suggest a desktop it need to be a laptop.
Also I am based in the uk, so please please suggest a uk seller - I've seen quite a few nice ones on amazon .com but unfortunately they do not ship to uk for a start and I need it a.s.a.p.

Thanks! :)
The ASUS with the 950m is better for gaming if that is what you want the system for. For general use, does not really matter which one, Acer is a bit worse in quality than ASUS and MSI though.


Dec 23, 2015
I recommend IBM Lenovo with intel processors, see it here: and Dell Laptop, Intel processors use in Laptop is very durable and can sustain much in high temp


Oct 21, 2015
What about "Yunsen" brand of laptops?

I've seen a much cheaper one with this brand £375, with a NVidia 940m and half decent processor.

I don't understand why it is so cheap and I can find barely any details about the brand/quality and no reviews! So I'm very wary.

How much of a quality difference is the Asus, to the acer and msi?

The asus is my favourite so far and I do like quality sturdy laptops.



Sounds like a generic Chinese brand, I'd avoid them.