Need advice to Repair or Replace a Toshiba Laptop


Oct 8, 2013
Good evening,
I have a Toshiba win 7 laptop. It's about 18 months old. After some use, I noticed the hinges for the screen started to loosen. A few days ago I went to open the lid of the laptop and the front face (that happened to complete the hinge assembly at the base) separated from the LCD.

Now, the only thing that connects the screen and the keyboard/base of the laptop are the wires running to the LCD. The warranty has passed so now I am here to humbly seek your opinion if I should try to fix this or just replace it all together.

ebay should have those parts cheap. if the case plastic is not cracked it a simple fix. if the case plastic is cracked then your better off letting a service shop pull the laptop apart and swap the parts. you can email the vendor and get a non warranty quote.