Need help choosing laptop in range of £500-£600

Computer noob 123

Jan 4, 2014
I'm looking to buy a new laptop for school that is portable, around £500-£600 but I will accept slightly more if it comes with Microsoft office. It has to be touch but I would rather have a tablet mode but I'm not demanding it! I have my eye on two sony laptops, the Vaio fit multi flip 11.5inch and the Vaio fit 14e. The multi flip comes with:
Intel® Pentium® N3520 + 4 GB
Windows 8.1
128 GB SATA Flash SSD
29.4cm LED 1920x1080
Without digitizer stylus (pen)
No USB infrared Adapter
No Ethernet Wi-Fi dongle
Office Home & Student 2013
McAfee® LiveSafe trial version
Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 12
No Adobe® Lightroom 5

Whereas the 14e has:
Intel® CoreTM i5 + Intel® GPU
Windows 8
Touch Screen
500 GB Serial ATA (5400 rpm)
8 GB 1600 MT/s DDR3L-SDRAM
DVD disc drive
Office Home & Student 2013
No protection
No Adobe Creation
No Adobe® Lightroom 4
No Imagination Studio Suite
Backlight keyboard

I need some help here on what to go for or even any other suggestions! They both are £631! My personal problem with the 14e is that it doesn't turn into a tablet or move in any other way, but my problem with the multi flip is that it is a small screen! I will also be using this at home for Skype, browsing the internet and Microsoft word! Need some opinions!


Get the backlit keyboard, definitely. You won't regret it. Most of that software included is crap bloatware and you don't really need it. If you check the sticky that I created in the Windows 7 and 8 forums there's lots of great freeware alternatives that you can use as substitutes. You also don't need to pay money for Microsoft Office since you can get Open Office for free and it does the exact same job and will even write to MS Office formats.

Having the flip option is nice but not necessary. The i5 is a far better CPU for more demanding applications.
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