need help getting past google account phone was set up with


Jan 19, 2018
I got a samsung luna from my son and I did a factory reset on it but it is still asking for previous google email account the phone was set up with and syned with, I contacted my son and he does not remember. Its asking for email or phone number dont have email an since I cant get passed that I can't get into setting to even find out the phone number, can someone please help me get into this phone.. This is so aggravating!!!

Saga Lout

Olde English
What you have there is a brick. Your son should have logged in and closed the account, at least as far as that device was concerned, or changed it to a name fo your choice. I've laboured for hours over these circumstances and there is no way round it without the help of the seller. He could log into Google on a PC and if he doesn't know the password, go through the Forgot Password process.

He would have the answers to the security questions but if he doesn't, throw that brick at a wall.
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