Need help identifiying TV problem.


Dec 25, 2012
I am currently using a 37inch LG tv. 37lg3000.
I am currently having problem with the built-in aerial receiver.
Currently, the TV is having color problems. It seems like the blue colour setting has been turned up high, thus giving freeview TV a blue tinge.

This is only happening with freeview TV input, as the guide and info boxes are not affected by the blue tinge.


As you can see, the information and guide box is not affected by the blue tinge.
Also other input ie(HDMI, RGB,VGA) are not affected by this problem.
This blue tinge is present when i use the built in free-view receiver, however when i turn on sky, which overrides the built in receiver and shows sky channerl to have no color problems

The question is, has anyone had this problem yet?
Whats the main cause of the problem? Because once the problem has been identified, i can look for solutions.
Thats almost certainly a problem with the input from your aerial.
You may need to adjust the direction of your aerial or have a higher gain one fitted.