Need help on quote for my gaming laptop

Jan 2, 2019
Hi, so I currently have an Asus ROG G752 laptop and I'm looking to sell it within the next 6 months. I'm unsure of the asking price for it, but I hope someone here can help me with this. I've listed some information below:

- Bought it in November 2015 and used it ever since. The laptop still runs extremely fast & is in good condition

- No broken screen / broken keyboard / other aesthetic damages present

- Only 'damage' is that the audio jack is broken (what I mean by this is that stuff like apple earphones, etc won't work; however, USB headsets will work and sound will work from the laptops speakers)

- Other than the damage listed above, the laptop is in pretty good condition

- Exact model of my laptop is: ASUS ROG G752. Bought it for ~1400 in November 2015, and I placed an Amazon link to the exact model I have below. I'd appreciate it if someone could give me an accurate quote of my laptop / current value, because I plan on selling this in the summer. Thanks! :)