need help using stereo speakers on a computer


Jan 27, 2013
Hello everyone, i recently took apart a portable stereo and removed it's speakers as a little project i would like to do. The stereo had 4 speakers in total. 2x 5w 6 ohm speakers and 2x 5w 8 ohm speakers. the speakers are in 2 sets of 8 ohm and 6 ohm. there is a cable that attaches each 8 ohm speaker to it's respective 6 ohm partner. there is also 2 cables soldered onto the 6 ohm speakers (not including the cable that attaches them to the 8 ohm speakers) and a third cable soldered onto the 8 ohm speakers, that being a total of 3 cables per set of speakers. i'd also like to know if this can be done without an amp, i don't want to invest money before making sure this will actually work, and i have already taken apart some earphones to make use of the 3.5mm jack. thank you.


Sep 1, 2006
How are you going to run them without an amplifier? lol...

Use the raw + and - from each driver. Don't convert to 3.5mm. That's no use. Unless you want to use the portable stereos input or something.

Still not sure what you are trying to do. Make a box/satellite to house them and keep the original internals.
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