Need help with headphones.


Dec 13, 2017
Hi all I am new to the forum. Really excited to be here.

I am looking at replacing my Sennheiser game zero headset. I wouldn't mind going for them again because man did they serve me well. I play a lot of comp BF4 and Cs. I also really like listening to me tunes while I prac and when relaxing. I used steelseries before getting the game zero's and man ohh man them sennheiser's just had it all.. Brilliant sound quality compared to the Steelseries headset. But now as any greedy human being I need more I want more. What will you guys recommend for a set of headphones ? I know when I go for headphones that I will need to buy a mic separately. How do the game zero's compare to a pair of audiophile headphones ? I know they are based of a pair of headphones Sennheiser makes. Obviously Razer , Steelseries ect look like wannabe's compared to Sennheiser's gaming headsets in my opinion. I am willing to spend around $400 on the headphones and $200 on a proper DAC. The mic I will source myself. Or should I just go for another set of game zero's with a DAC this time around ?

Excited for your comments
Kind regards
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