need help with Logitech G230 wires...


Apr 11, 2016
hi, i need help with my logitech G230 headset...

I want to replace the braided wire on my logitech G230 with something, less, well, annoying, as you may know, braided wires are fragile, and tangle themselves up easily, i would like to replace with something like a plastic curly kind of telephone wire (something like this ,yes its a french website) if you have a better wire in this kind of style, please share smile.gif and any help on how to replace the wire is very welcome! :)


Actually that cable may be even more annoying as it will always be pulling back at you and will eventually start twisting itself into a knot over time. Weighs more also.

Braided wire is used for circumstances where movement is expected.

My suggestion is to just get in the habit, after each use, where you gently dangle the headset a bit and let it untwist. Or run your hand along the cable towards the plug and allowing the plug to move freely and untwist.
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