Need help with Power Button Cable Input Plastic Lock on Laptop Motherboard!! Or its just a Brick!


Feb 23, 2010
Hi, I recently let my friend borrow my Lenovo V570 laptop while I was out of town because he wanted to fix the keyboard which did not work at all. The keyboard was removed and reinstalled with a new one but a worse problem was created. The power button cable was removed and the plastic piece that locks it was lost. I cannot afford to pay for computer repair or a new motherboard, I know its still good since the battery light is on and charges when plugged in.

Now I cannot turn on my laptop at all and I need it for school ASAP. I read through the maintenance manual many times for this laptop but it does not say exactly what each one of these inputs are for. So my plan was to remove the plastic lock from the cable for the touchpad. At this point I dont care if the keyboard or touchpad works (I will use USB keyboard and mouse) I just need to be able to power it on and working USB ports.
So I unplugged the plastic lock from the input I believe was the touchpad and tried to install it in the power button cable input since it looks like the same size. Problem is it is very small and difficult to work with and when I tried to install it I slightly bent one of the pins (shown in photos below.

If I carefully straighten out the pin on the cable input and try it again (any tips would be appreciated in doing this) do you think the plastic lock I removed will fit in the power button cable input? Also are these plastic lock pieces hard to find if I need a replacement?

Also does anybody know what the input does that I removed the plastic lock from (hopefully touchpad)?

Any help is appreciated.



Sep 7, 2013
no that wont work the plastic lock from the the touchpad has different amount of pins compared to the power cable so it wont fit. you'll have to find a replacement, unfortunately i have no idea where you can a replacement retainer clip. The only option i can think of is to purchase a dead notebook mb of the same make and scavenge the clip from that. It is fixable if you can find the latch for it.
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