Need help with windows xp install and bsod on a pavilion dv7-1245dx


May 12, 2008
when I try to install windows xp on the pavilion dv7-1245dx laptop
it shows the STOP Blue screen of death error when it tries to load the ntfs.
that's at the end of where its supposed to give you options for partion and install. I found one ram stick was bad but that didn't help any for the windows install. it made ubuntu work though,I was also able to install it
if I wanted. whats up with that?
oh and I tried nlite program to add the sata drivers for hard drive.still didn't work.

I think it might be the hard drive but still need to make sure that's the problem, I don't want to buy it if I find out that its not the cause.


May 12, 2008
ok after all the google searches took me forever but I finally found the problem:


so now I know it has to do with the hard drive.



Sep 16, 2009
Yes, you are correct. It has todo with the hard drive, but it's not a defect. It's because you need to set SATA to IDE mode. But here comes the big problem: You can't set it because HP doesn't want you to install anything on it but Vista, so the option is not available in the BIOS configuration.

You can work around this by slipstreaming the RAID drivers for your HDD into the Windows XP installation disc. Do the following:

■First, get the RAID driver here.
■Get nLite.
■Extract the content of your Windows XP CD-ROM into a folder in your HDD.
■Load the Windows XP folder with nLite and insert the drivers with it. Be sure to make it bootable.
■Burn it.
And that's just the beginning. You'll have to deal with drivers then. I'll leave them up to you.


Jul 29, 2014

hello... i have a same problum with (jdh440)
now i've done everything but i cant get the RAID driver from your link
where can get it?
my laptop is HP Pavilion DV7-1025NR
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