Need photoshop and dreamweaver help


Nov 24, 2012
Hello, I live stream on and in twitch your allowed to post a 620 pixel by X amount long pixels image with writing or pictures on it.
Now I most recently bought photoshop and created a basic layout with a youtube and twitter clickable link picture that brings you to those sites, so I know how to link photos to websites, the problem is I want to bring in a picture of a rolled up scroll that's clickable, so when this person clicks on the scroll it unravels into a full scroll with writing on it. Kind of like a .gif but what I want seems more complicated
Now im not to sure how to do that, if anyone has any experience in this matter that would be greatly appreciated.


I use the "Photoscape" for the GIF animator. It is free.

You make a serials of images, open the program(photoscape>animated GIF), drop them in sequence, the animator will then combine them into one GIF file, together with your settings for the frame rate, effect, image size and so on. You can preview them in web browser, and saving.

The problem is you need take a time to make those pictures. And have fun.