Need recommendations for a laptop, hopefully with some gaming power, at about €700


Jun 16, 2013
I'm a desktop guy by heart, but I'm going to move to a different country for a while, and this means I need a laptop. However, I've not really got one.
Unfotunately, I'm on a tight budget, because moving to another place is an expensive process that has taken its toll. Cracking open all deep reserves and secret vaults, I find myself having about €600-700 for pursuing this endeavour.
Naturally, I'll be using this laptop for work, web browsing, and films, and everything one could use a laptop for when they're separated from their desktop.
Now, the biggest problem comes from the fact that I tend to play video games, and would therefore prefer to have the ability to do so on the laptop.
Games I'd look forward to playing on it would be... Battlefield 4, and nothing else that is special, I guess. Probably Hearthstone, but I'll make the wild guess that Hearthstone should run on probably everything. And, if anything else (like Far Cry 4, for an example) happens to work on the laptop, it would be great, but it's in no way required. I also need to be able to use the Unity3D engine for professional purposes, but I'm quite sure that anything capable of handling BF4 will be just fine with Unity.

I can't say where I'll be buying from, because I'm likely to browse through my local hardware stores for such a model, or maybe order the specific model at such a store. Maybe the UK version of Amazon could serve as a guideline though?

So, any help will be greatly appreciated. Please forgive my lack of experience when laptops come into the equation... I built a custom desktop rig last year, and it was a piece of cake, but mobile devices baffle me a little.

Ethan Carter

Aug 25, 2013
Anything that has good reviews with these specs is what I'd recomend.

Intel Core i5 Quad Core Processor or above
8gb of RAM (although 4gb would do)
Id go with at least 750gb of Hard Drive space and an SSD if you find one in your budget
GTX660M grahpics or above with 2gb of Video Memory

Sorry I couldnt give you a specific laptop but there are just so many
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