Need some Chrome apps/plugins to reduce data usage (we have a ISP data cap)


Dec 16, 2008
My ISP had a 300GB Data Cap. It sounds like more than enough, but we have 5 heavy users in our household. So I need some ways to reduce the cap.

I downloaded "Data Saver" for Chrome on all our devices, but that doesn't look like it will make differences in GBs, but maybe MBs.

I downloaded a Plugin for YouTube that plays every video in 240p, but it doesn't seem to do much. Because for the first 5-10 seconds, the video will play in regular HD and then just be downgraded to 240p. YouTube will go ahead and load up 10 minutes of a video. So the first 10 minutes will be loaded on the default quality. And plus, 30% of the time, it won't even actually put it on 240p but just the default.

Here are things I need tools/programs/apps/plugins for:

- I was wondering if there is a good addon/plugin/program/tool that plays ALL videos (not just YouTube) in any webpage (not just YouTube, DailyMotion, etc.) on a desired quality, and only plays it when you click on it?
- I have very fast internet. So once I click on a video, it will automatically load up to 10 minutes of a video, which will usually only take 10-30 seconds. However, I might just watch a few seconds of it, so I just wasted data on stuff I am not going to see. I believe this adds up to a lot. Is there a way to have videos only load no more than 10-20 seconds ahead of what I am actually watching? Does that make sense? I have fast internet, so it shouldn't be a problem load/buffer videos basically as a watch. I don't mind a few hiccups during a video.
- Is there a way to play HD Streams like WWE Network, MLB Network, NBA TV in something like 480p instead? These individual sites usually only have it available in HD.
- I need a way to disable autoplay from YouTube. I have clicked the disable button on the site, but it will still do autoplay sometimes. I need an addon or something to force it.

Any suggestions and recommendations are appreciated!

i'm trying to cut the usage down by at least 50GB a month. We do a lot of streaming, so if I can get that under control, I think it's possible.


Dec 16, 2008
Ok. So I found a better app for YouTube called ImprovedTube. It doesn't play videos unless you click play. And sometimes, it won't load the videos until you click play, but sometimes it does. You can set the quality, which I think it sets before you actually load the video, so that's good. But it doesn't work for embedded videos on other webpages.

It would be nice if they had a plugin like this for all videos.

And I'm still trying to see if there is a way to load/buffer ahead 10-15 seconds not 10 minutes.
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