Solved! Need to read data from Dead laptop's Raid 0 hard disks


Apr 14, 2010
The nightmare of Alienware continues. My M17X R1 is officially dead after dealing with overheating and fried video cards. It finally failed to power on while on the line with Tech Support. The hard disks are fine and have been removed from the laptop while it is being shipped to ALienware. But they are Raid 0 configuration and full of mission critical info that I can't wait another 3months to get back.
Two SAMSUNG 128 GB SSD SATA-2 HDD drives in Raid 0 config can be read with a dual drive usb enclosure? I don't need to boot with the drives, simply pull off the critical files while I wait for Alienware to do something with the laptop. Can this be done, what is the best enclosure for the job, and will this jeopardize any of my data if I do this?
Thx in advance for any help.

M17X R1 - Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz - 4GB RAM - Dual SSD 128GB - Dual Nvidia 9800GTX SLI (fried) - 2X Blue Ray
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