new hard drive and reinstall of windows 10,was originally uefi,had to be legacy to do the reinstall.what do i do to get it bac

Oct 4, 2018
it will only boot in legacy mode now.when I change it to uefi it says no bootable drive or device found.can I leave it in legacy or should I try and get it back to uefi? maybe I only needed to put the new hard drive back to the top of the bootable list and the legacy don't matter now?
Oct 4, 2018

I burned a copy of windows 10 from the Microsoft website onto a 4.7 gb dvd disk wich installed only in legacy mode.i gave up trying to use a usb copy because I could not get the settings now im concerned about trying to reinstall again just to get it back to uefi,i don't want to have anymore problems or mental anguish
Oct 4, 2018
Question from jfbros67 : "reinstalling windows 10"

I burned a copy of windows 10 from the Microsoft website onto a 4.7 gb dvd disk to reinstall onto a new hard drive for a dell inspiron 4 yr old machine.iwas unable to figure out the correct bios settings to use a usb,but I think it was because I didn't clean or delete all the drive partitions,wih made me install in legacy with no secure the install only boots in legacy mode from the new hard concerned about trying to do the reinstall again to get the uefi to be the boot mode,i don't want to have any problems again
Maybe Secure Boot was enabled? Secure Boot should be disabled, UEFI enabled (you can re-enable Secure Boot after you're done installing Windows).

You can run Win 10 in Legacy mode, you just lose out on some of the perks of UEFI - that is, if you'd even notice them or need them.
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