New Headset Cutting Out On One Ear


Mar 13, 2012
I just bought a new headset, the Genius HS-G500V, (cheap, because I'm poor) and it worked great for a week. Now the audio is cutting out on one ear when I stop and start audio. It's not the same ear every time either!
I've tried putting it in different jacks, the front versus the back, but nothing changed. (It has the two plugs for speakers and microphone, pink and green, plus a USB plug that seems to be only for the vibration feature.)
The weird thing is that I can't replicate the problem when I play audio with Windows Media Player or VLC Player, but it DOES cut out when using my work programs, Express Scribe Pro and Transcription Buddy. I'm running Windows 8.
So is this a software issue? A compatibility issue? A jack issue? I'm at a loss.

Forgive my lack of knowledge about terminology and stuff. I'm asking for help because I'm not that smart about hardware. :)
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