New lenovo flex 5 running slow and noisy fan


Dec 24, 2017
There's a low sound coming from the fans, but I don't understand why because it's new. It bothers me quite a bit, I usually play music to avoid hearing it. I'm not sure if they need to be cleaned or if that's just how this laptop is. Any advice would be appreciated.
The laptop has, in this past week, become slow. At first I thought it was just the website or the browser but when I used other browsers it still lagged. It's been pretty annoying. I only had one program installed, but I've uninstalled it for now. There doesn't seem to be any virus.
I currently don't have any programs downloaded on the laptop, besides chrome. I haven't visited any site that would give me junk so I'm at a loss. Really hoping
I don't have to return it to get it repaired.
I'm hoping someone can help me out.
Well if it is new, it could just be the way they are in that device. I would doubt they need cleaning if a new device.

However, since it is new it would be under warranty, so I would not suggest opening it up. That could void the warranty. If it is still under the return date, I would try exchanging it for another one, or another laptop if they all are like this (that model that is) or, if past that time, contact the manufacturer.
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