Solved! New PC I built isn't being recognized by monitor once I connect it

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Jun 26, 2020
So I'm building a PC, and everything is included and plugged in. I can include specs if need be.

But when I connect it to the monitor (VGA to the monitor, adapter, and then DVI-D to the graphics card), but the monitor still returns as "Cable not connected."

I quadruple checked to make sure the VGA and adapters are securely connected and not torn, graphics card is connected to the power supply. The motherboard and processors are all colorful and running, so I know the PC is working. The monitor is brand new. Are there any other common issues besides the VGA cord being torn?
Jun 26, 2020
8 GB Graphics Card
Power Supply: Corsair CX Series 750 Watt
Asus TUF B450M Motherboard
512 GB SSD

My monitor also has HDMI, it was just one the separate side

I'm pretty sure the graphics card is the problem. The fans on the graphics card itself aren't spinning, but there are lights to indicate that it's correctly plugged into the power supply.
Jun 26, 2020
Other things to note:
-I tested the monitor's HDMI with my Roku and it worked, so I know the monitor isn't the problem.

-I tested the motherboard DVI-D instead and got nothing.

-I tried the motherboard DVI after disconnecting the GPU, but still nothing.

-I tried to test to see if anything changes if I were to remove one of the RAM sticks (someone told me it was worth a shot), but still nothing.

Again, the GPU does light up to tell me that it's connected to the motherboard and PSU, but the fans on the GPU aren't spinning.
Jun 26, 2020
now it says "no signal" instead of "cable not connected"(edited)

all i did was take the PCIe cable out from the PSU and put it in a slot right below where it was on the PSU
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