New TV - no cable just ota with WMP ?


Mar 3, 2015
Hello, I had a media PD all set up as the PC monitor, Win media player and cable. I recently gave that PC to my son & family. The Hauppauge tuner is in that one.

Now, I just bought a new HP desktop and a new Vizio HDTV. I cancelled cable TV & kept TWC internet connection which allows me only basic TV. So... I bought an indoor flat antenna. That works very well on the Vizio in the office.

Now, here's the question (finally). Is it possible to make the Vizio TV my computer monitor and use Windows Media Player and grab TV using the indoor antenna or not? IOW, do I have to purchase a tuner board or external? Hmmm, I could also go take the Hauppauge out of my son's because he's not using that at all. But if I can do it without the additional hardware I'd like to know.

Thank you,