Newbie On Board - Suggestion Needed

George Smyth

Jan 5, 2014
My son gave me his old HTC Evo V and I have been enjoying it through Virgin, which is affordable. I would now like to get another phone, as the battery life on this phone is less than a day (I bought new batteries and have turned off everything I can think of that might be draining the battery) and if possible I would like the camera to have better quality.

I have been doing research but am confused with the whole issue of carriers (I like Virgin because there is no contract) and who allows what. I would like advice as to what camera I should be considering. I understand that this could be one of those "holy war" questions and apologize if this is the case.

Things I really need in order of importance:
Ability to use with Virgin or any other carrier that does not require a contract
Android operating system (I can now understand, from a user's point of view, how to get around)
Good battery life (I am a light user and average well under an hour a day, though it would be nice to be able to take pictures for a few hours)
Good camera (I have no need for the things that are added, as I am fluent with Photoshop)

That's about it. I know that the latter two are subjective but basically I don't want to have to worry about battery life during the day and want a camera with a quality sensor.

Thanks for your comments, and please remember that I am one of those who is just learning about this technology, so please be gentle.

Cheers -