No sound on my HP Pavilion DV1000

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Apr 20, 2009
I installed a new hard drive on my laptop I went to hp's site and downloaded the drivers but I still have no sound. It tells me that there are no devices installed and I have went everywhere looking for a fix and can't figure anything out. Please help me figure this out.. thank you very much. Jerry


Jun 1, 2010

what operating system? model # of your dv1000?

i had the same problem (no audio output device is intalled) after installing windows 7 ultimate (32 bit)
on my dv1000 (dv1629us)
windows update took care of most of the drivers, others i was able to get from hp's website, go to "support and drivers" and type in the model # of your laptop (the longer one, i.e. dv1629us, dv1708nr, etc)

first choose vista as your OS and use the available drivers there (you may have to use compatibility mode)
then for the remaining drivers, go back and choose windows XP as your OS and get the drivers you need there, once again you may need to use compatibility mode or run as administrator for these to work.

after all that, and many checks with windows update, i still had little yellow <!> guys on my audio device and my mass storage device. the conexant driver offered by windows update failed to run, as did the XP drivers from HP's site.
after many hours of searching forums and trying multiple (about 20) different drivers every which way possible, i found a post that told me about Microsoft Update Catalog. wow, what a godsend!

1. you need your hardware Id's from your unknown devices, find them here
device manager > right-click your device > properties > Details tab >
> from the drop menu, select "Hardware Ids"
right-click the first id and click copy

2. now open INTERNET EXPLORER (wont work in other browsers) and type in "Microsoft Update Catalog"
you will have to install the microsoft ActiveX control, by clicking the yellow bar at the top
and then you will have a simple blue screen with a text input field.

3. right click the white box and select "paste" and hit enter, the site will search for a driver based on the hardware id. install whatever it points you to
if none are found, go back to your properties>details>hardware ids window and try with the 2nd hardware id, and the 3rd and 4th if necessary

it found it for me on the first try, and my audio works great now.
also worked for my cardreader (mass storage device) that i couldn't find a compatible driver for

hope this helps! windows 7 is awesome, its bullS**T that HP doesn't provide driver support.
windows 7 is now running flawlessly on my HP DV1000, minus the aero features because i don't have sufficient graphics capability.



Hi Chris,

We u located the Hardware ID from Microsoft Catalog, what next should be don to get the audio to work...
Am still struggling..Thanks

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