No surround sound via TV unless watching BlueRay



Samsung UN75JU641DFX2A
Panasonic BlueRay + Surround Sound SA-BTT273

TV sound works when watching TV, but surround sound doesn't work when watching TV.
Surround sound works when playing Panasonic BlueRay.

If Panasonic is turned on while watching TV, then the TV speakers are automatically muted, but it doesn't switch over to surround sound, we cannot hear anything. So, the Panasonic BlueRay has to be turned off while watching TV, otherwise you cannot hear the TV.

It seems ARC is making an attempt, but something doesn't seem to be right. I've gone in and manually moved the TV speakers to ARC in the setup, but that ends up muting the TV and noting comes out of the surround sound.

Current setup:

Any help getting the surround sound to work when watching TV (not just BlueRay) would be much appreciated! Thanks!



I've made the change in the speakers settings of the TV and it doesn't work. It mutes the TV, turns ARC on, but then I have no sound at all. No surround, no TV speakers.
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