No Wifi Connections Available After Installing Windows 10

Collin Huntington

Nov 14, 2014
I've been struggling with this for the past several hours attempting to fix this. I recently decided to perform a clean install of Windows 10 onto my Dell Inspiron Duo to both remove the junk off of it as well as upgrade my OS. After the install was done I could see the the available networks around me, but when I connected to mine I had no internet connection (tried multiple things to solve this.). I simply thought I should update my drivers, but this basically made the problem worse.

Now I can't see any networks at all. I've uninstalled the drivers, installed different ones, installed chipset drivers in hopes that an outdated one was conflicting. Attempted to solve it by renewing, releasing, flushing, and deleting registry keys (they were not found by cmd). I'm completely stuck. The only thing I can think of doing at this point is to reinstall windows 7 and hope that works. My Inspiron Duo is also a netbook and without an ethernet port, so my only option is wireless.
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