Question non working laptop keyboard keys were fixed after cleaning, but they stopped working again

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Oct 26, 2021
some keyboard keys stoped working on my laptop , n b cap lock ctrl... i got my laptop cleaned up and they and started working , but then stoped working again after 3 days .
It's like the first time they stoped working , at first i would need to push the key hard to make it work then it stoped working completely , same thing is happening now .
Is there a way to fix it , or do i need to replace my keyboard completely?


I'm interested in seeing other answers, but I think you need to replace the keyboard completely since it sounds like a hardware issue- Mostly from the "push the key hard" statement. The connection is not being made by the rubber spring like it's supposed to be, so the sensors under the keys are malfunctioning.
Agree. There are ways to sometimes repair a bad key or two but they are very delicate undertakings. Best to replace the keyboard. I would recommend spending a little more for an OEM keyboard. You didn't say what brand laptop you have, but if you do the repair yourself, make sure you get the service manual for the model machine you are working on and follow the instructions. This is especially important with regard to ESD protection. Cables and connectors need to be treated with care. Good luck.
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