Question Noob question about connecting subwoofer to speaker system.


Oct 31, 2012

I have got a relatively cheap speaker soundbar speaker system setup that I want to connect a compact subwoofer too. The speaker system is a 'iLive iTB474B 47' (

I'm wondering what I need to look out for when trying to find a subwoofer that will be compatible with this? I have my eyes on a Pioneer S-21W ( This subwoofer has the following power specifications:
  • Power Handling: 160W Peak / 100W RMS
  • Power Requirements: AC 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power Consumption (in use / standby): 25 W
TBH I dont really know what I need to be looking out for at all :hebe:. Would this Subwoofer work with the iLive or is it too much power etc?

Thank you :)

-edit- just realized how silly my question was, if the subwoofer has an active power supply I shouldn't need to worry about any power requirements.. :sarcastic:
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Sonic Illusions

Feb 16, 2019
Initially, I was mislead by the "power handling" statement, as that seemed to indicate how much power a speaker can handle when connected to an amplifier. I looked at the manual and it has it's own amp, as I'm sure you know. It's rating indicates you can have clean output of 100 watts. Disregard the 160W, as it includes distortion. It also has a volume control, so you can adjust the output to suit your desires. Powered sub-woofers have volume (gain) controls and crossover points, so they can be integrated with a wide variety of 'satellites.' BTW, there's no such thing as a silly question, even if you answer it yourself!
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