Not a typo! Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is just $100 for Black Friday right now

Oct 26, 2023
This does not work. It starts at $899 but if your trade-in is $800 they lower the discount on the other end. I confirmed this via chat with a CSR. Lowest price is just under $300 which is still better than when the S23 was released but no where near $100. Do you guys actually try these discounts before you write them up?


Oct 13, 2015
Hi, I went through the process in the app and it's as low as $299 unlocked but you can save more with carrier activation. Up to $1,030.
I just spent an hour with Samsung Support. They insist that you can get both the 25% off and the maximum credit for an S22 Ultra, bringing the final price to $100. They also acknowledge that the Samsung Shop app has this wrong. They suggested that I pay the higher price and they would do a price match and refund me the difference; however, Samsung's support is so undependable that I am not willing to take the risk.