NVIDIA 940m Not detected on flex 3 1470


Feb 28, 2015
Hello I have a flex 3 1470 (model 80JK001GUS) which comes with a NVIDIA graphics card (940m). I recently had a problem with power, I took it to a lenovo service center, and they replaced the motherboard to fix it.
However, After replacing the motherboard, my laptop does not detect the presence of an NVIDIA card; I cannot install new drivers because it says that there is no card either.
The device manager lists it as "disconnected" (code 45) and has it hidden.
Here is what i have attempted to do so far (I have a restore point set before the attempts so if it doesnt work i can go back)

a. Delete all NVIDIA drivers, programs (except GEFORCE EXPERIENCE), reboot run GEFORCE EXPERIENCE.

result: GEFORCE Does not detect NVIDIA GPU

b. Attempt to install update to NVIDIA through downloaded driver from BOTH LENOVO and NVIDIA.

result: neither detects a NVIDIA GPU

c. Attempted "display driver uninstaller" method

result: no gpu detected after following through with safe mode uninstaller, and then installing through downloaded driver setup

reasoning : it was hidden, and i saw another post saying he did it, but port 5 is listed as disconnected.

result: when i deleted it, it deleted the disconnected hidden 940M display adapter as well.

e. Going into the service center and telling them "I dont know if the new motherboard has the nvidia gpu, because I dont think they make the mother board anymore (i submitted a post a few days ago claiming that they didnt give me the right motherboard, still not convinced they did)

result: they said oh its there you just have to delete the nvidia programs then run GEFORCE Experience.

Im in a bind here. Can someone come up with some suggestions to whats wrong? thank you
EDIT: Also tried updating intel graphics card drivers, nothing changed either. dxdiag test here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-AmQmeKx7LvVDd4a2tMUHBNWGM/view?usp=sharing

You only have 2 things that you can do right now. 1 is to check the inside of the motherboard if the GPU is seated properly into the motherboard if it's not built in. 2 is to contact Lenovo Support for a repair because obviously they mess something inside the laptop which is beyond your control.
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