Nvidia GT 540m 2gb vs AMD Radeon HD 7670M 1 GB DDR3


Oct 17, 2012
hello, can anyone help about whats the best choice graphics card. is it Nvidia GT 540m 2gb or AMD Radeon HD 7670M 1 GB DDR3. i already look in benchmark where the amd radeon hd 7670m is higher but is it a different story when it comes to vram quantity? i mean the nvidia comes with 2gb while amd is only 1gb?
tnx for help...


Apr 12, 2012
Neither of those cards are powerful enough to warrant a 2GB framebuffer, basically, to need anywhere near that much VRAM, you'd have to be talking about high levels of anti-aliasing with a screen size of at least 1080p.

My laptop has a 6770M, which is essentially the same as a 7690M with GDDR5, and even overclocked it can't hope to pull enough AA to need its 1GB framebuffer


Oct 8, 2012
Go with the 7670M.. i guess the memory bandwidth for this unit is just 128bit.. and base from research, the effective memory usage would be around 512MB to 1GB of memory.. :) and 7670M is a new chip i presume.. inline with nvidia's kepler
When it comes to playing games the amount of RAM you need is dependent on the resolution of the screen. A laptop with a resolution of 1366x768 really only needs 512MB of RAM. 1GB of RAM is not necessary unless you play games at 1920x1080 resolution. More than 2GB of RAM does not make a difference until you hit 2560x1440 resolution.

However, more important than RAM is the performance of the graphics chip itself. Assuming you want to play games with at least high graphic settings, then you need to buy a laptop with the appropriate graphics chip. I don't care how much RAM is dedicated to the graphics chip, it will not improve performance. So a nVidia GT 635m with 1GB, 2GB or 16GB of dedicated RAM will perform the same.

The nVidia GT 635M is just marginally faster than the older GT 555M. That makes it more powerful than the Radeon HD 7670M. How much better depends on the game, it could be at little as 7% faster to as much as 30% faster. I would save on average the GT 635M should be around 15% - 20% faster than the Radeon HD 7670M. Good enough to play many games with high graphic settings at 1366x768 resolution and have good performance (40+ FPS). Of course, the more demanding the game is the lower the performance. Do not expect 40+ FPS in games like Far Cry 3 or Metro 2033.