Oculus, HTC vive or star VR for a VR arcade? And why


May 10, 2017
I want a suggestion on the HMD to be used for robust VR gaming experience zone.
This game should be multiplayer, heavy graphics, user interaction such a pick and drop objects seamlessly, run, bend combat etc.
Please suggest which one would be a better option between the Oculus rift, HTC vive and starVR and why?
I believ starVR has the best resolution and wide viewing angle but it does not have sensors. How are they substituting it?

Appreciate inputs.


May 31, 2016
So, that comes down to what you envision for a VR Gaming Experience Zone, and cost benefit analysis.

If you are gonna go all out, then the HTC Vive and you would follow what Bandai is doing in their Project-I-Can.

If you search, you can find a few videos of their experimental arcade experiences using VR.

If you look at what the US is doing, you have the GhostBusters VR experience which is using DK2s and leapMotion.

Note: I am guessing on the HMD's. Earlier pics showed DK2's.

But that is the now, and you are talking about the FUTURE!!

If it was me, I would be interested in Valve expanding the LightHouse tech to allow LOTS of lighthouses in a space. (you can search for these articles).
Pretty much, the future of VR Gaming Experiences will be like the new Laser Tag, where you can walk around in a virtual world and interact.

That said.. if you wanted to do something in the NOW, setting up an area for Star Trek Bridge Crew would be relatively easier. That you could do with any of the HMD's, but again.. I would recommend the VIVE just for the lighthouses. That is unless you can somehow wire Oculus's cameras in a way to reduce wiring.


In the end, the question comes down to what kind of experience are you talking about here? A light gaming VR cafe, or full VR Explosions?

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