Odd Lenovo Y510P Display Issues

Rune Talonek

Sep 16, 2013
The client I'm working with has a Lenovo Y510P laptop (with twin GTX 755M in SLI) that has had a number of odd issue since it upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1. I fixed most of them, but one has my perplexed.

When the client turns on their computer, the screen will not turn on (fully off, no backlight) until you push the lid open as far as it can go (like 135 degrees open). The fans will run, and if you let it sit it will load up windows, but you still have to push the lid to the max (it will then display the Lenovo boot logo, but go directly to the login screen, no need to wait for it to boot).

I honestly am at a loss. Is this a symptom of needing to update the BIOS? Is this a bad connector? (This may be the case because Device Manager refuses to even acknowledge the existence of the webcam, not even a generic unknown device).

Has anyone ever seen an issue like this before?

Has anyone seen something like this before?

It seems like a problem with the cable or the LCD itself. Please do run these test that may help.
- First is to connect an external monitor and observe if the same problem will happen to it or not.
- If the display is normal of the external display that could mean that the problem is the LCD or just the ribbon cable.
- Do open the laptop and reseat the ribbon cable that connects the LCD to the motherboard.
- Unplug both ends then put them back in making sure they are all seated properly.
- If it will still not work you may need to change the LCD itself.