Office2007 vs OpenOffice


Sep 17, 2009
I am debating on which Office Suite to go for. I guess this could be added to include GoogleDocs also.

But I am wondering what might be the best suggestion?

I am running Win7 Pro 64-bit.

I don't like GoogleDocs (at least from what little I know) just because I have to upload the doc to googles just to read/open a file?

Anyways, I read around a little and it seems like the main points between the 2 are:
Compatibility with PowerPoint
Compatibility with advanced functions/features?
UI differences.

They also say its mainly the minor things that matter and that all depends on each person.

How bloated is OpenOffice? I know Office can be pretty bloated, but is OO just as bad? how about performance?

Anyone have any experiences with both ?
My sister prefers Open Office and she hasn't had a complaint about it yet. She switched over because she couldn't stand Office for various reasons. The UI is a bit toned down in comparison to MS Office, but it gets the job done. I've always preferred MS Office, as it is what I have been used to for quite some time. I've used XP to the present 2010 beta. It is expensive, there is no doubt about that, but I've always found it worth the cost.


Jul 24, 2006
I used to use Open Office 2.x, but after getting a good deal on Office 2007 I've been using that and wouldn't go back. I find the default templates (for powerpoint) are better and the GUI is more intuitive. Yes, I do actually like the Ribbon unlike many. I never used previous versions of Office regularly, but I know they are similar to Open Office, and I don't like having 100 toolboxes around my screen to access a single tool on each when the Ribbon has most of the items I need easily accessible with a single click to change tab.