Old acer p243m laptop problems


Apr 7, 2014
my 3.5 years old acer travelmate p243m i5 2450m + 8gb ram was running fine till yesterday but from this following day it is showing me some weird problems that i need to immediately eradicate
so i need experts purview asap
1st issue : i was using an aftermarket l5200 mah laptop battery for quite a while now since my original one gave up couple of months ago . The battery was working nice until last night when i turned it off normally cuz it had 16% juice left , the mistake i made was that at that time i forgot to charge it so today when i plugged it in with the adapter boom i am in a fix 0% plugged in not charging sign of death , not to mention i have applied every possible fix but couldnt seem to get it to work
2nd issue : my old lap was getting dirty so i cleaned the keyboard with savlon and turned it back on it was working nice for around 10 minutes when all of a sudden M letter started auto typing on and windows seemed to selecting everything on my desktop and on start menu :( so i grieved and restarted it boom in windows loading screen i got infinite bleeping :( so i turned pc off and removed the battery reinserted it and my laptop booted successfully to windows but after working normally for around 1 hours some buttons including enter key , E , R etc keys are not working :( so since then i am forced to use an external usb keyboard :( aside from battery and keyboard everything else is working the way it should :(
Problem 1 sounds like either the new battery was bad, or if it is an after market one, it just may not be right for the system. Or, your charger cord is the problem.

Problem 2 sounds like some of what you used to clean the keyboard got inside and is either still in there, or did some damage.