Old LG model - feasible to connect to soundbar through the headphone audio out?


Jul 18, 2017
My TV is a LG 50LN5400. Have just been on steep learning curve about my TV's lack of HDMI Arc and optical cable. It doesn't have either. Have attempted to make things work through a RCA converter - but it now appears that there is no way of turning the TV speakers off. There is no way to deselect from a "Sound Out" button to anything other than "TV speakers". It just won't change. The only option to change audio from internal speakers is the headphone. Is it feasible to try and connect to the soundbar (through the red / white cables and optical converter) from the headphone jack? If it did work - would the sound quality be affected by the headphone jack output?? Thanks in advance

NOPE. AAARRRGGGHHH. Can't say I didn't give it my best shot - I did! The headphone to RCA cable option didn't work. Lots of swear words, and a few more. I've never had to grapple with attempting to take an item back to the store before. Gutted.