OLD Macbook Powerbook G4 - help with My Name


Apr 29, 2015
I know nothing about Macs so please forgive me! An aged Macbook Powerbook G4 (running OSX 10.4.7) has come into my possession. I have no use for it but it seems to work OK and has various software installed etc. My problem is that I have found a folder i Users that belonged to a previous owner containing a few documents that I would like to delete before passing the computer on. When I try to delete the whole folder or any of its contents them by dragging to the waste bin I get a message that says I need to type a password. The Name field is already populated with "My Name" but of course I don't know what the password is. Is there any simple way around this? I don't have the time or knowledge to do anything complicated but if there is a way to just delete the entry for the former user it would be ideal. Thanks

Saga Lout

Olde English
We can't help you with password issues of this nature.

Take the machine that came into your possession to a professional Mac fixer and prove ownership and he or she could replace and destroy the hard drive to protect the data of the owner.
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