Onkyo receiver defaults to certain input when turned on

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Daniel Navia

Oct 9, 2014

Please excuse my ignorance, as I am somewhat of a newbie with AV stuff.
Here is my setup:

Samsung 55' UHD Smart Tv
Onkyo TX-SR313
XBOX One connected to reciever HDMI VCR/DVR input
PS4 connected to receiver HDMI Blu-Ray input
Cisco HDPVR connected to receiver HDMI Cable input
Wii U/ X360/PS3 connected to receiver HDMI Game input via HDMI switch/hub
SmartHub audio through receiver on TV/CD input

Receiver connected to HDMI3 (ARC) on the tv

The only change I have made is the tv (just purchased), and wanting to get surround audio from its smarthub apps, I connected to HDMI 3 so the ARC support would offer 2 way HDMI. This has successfully given my smarthub apps audio via my receiver, while maintaining my other devices.

My only issue, however, is whenever I turn on the reciever (I have a Logitech Harmony 650), to any device, the receiver will go on the appropriate input (i.e xbox one and VCR/DVR), then it will flip to 'TV/CD' and I have to manually flip back to the other input. Not a big deal, just a small annoyance.

Is there anything in particular that would cause this? My harmony remote is not set up to touch the TV/CD input unless I specifically chose 'watch smart tv' on the remote itself.

I hope this is enough information to assist. Please let me know if I need to give out any more info that could help me with this issue, and please excuse my ignorance with the matter. Kinda self taught all this AV stuff, so I'm sure I have gaps in knowledge.



generally receivers are set to go to the last input they were on when shut off.

for instance if i was on hdmi2 and turned the receiver off it should start up on hdmi2 and stay there.

i would think your problem exists somewhere with the harmony control.

Daniel Navia

Oct 9, 2014
I checked the receiver, and it it will stay at the same input when i turn it on manually but not when I select an 'action' via the harmony remote. I will reprogram the harmony remote and see if that does the trick. thanks!
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