Question Onkyo TX-NR585 HDMI Out Burn-out

Jan 30, 2020
I have an Onkyo-TX-NR585 AV receiver. FYI - setup is various input devices, cable box, stream box, BR/DVD player. The video feeds my Optoma projector via a 33ft Fiber Optic HDMI 2.0 cable. The projector is protected by voltage regulator. The other devices are protected via Panamax voltage regulator too.

Here is my problem - I have had multiple HDMI out port burnouts - once on a SONY and now on my Onkyo AV receiver. I just come in one day after using the system a few times a week for a few months and no video. Test everything direct and all works and the culprit is the HDMI port on the Onkyo is burned out. The support people state that the cable is too long and is over heating the port over time until it goes. OK, its under warranty so I'll get it fixed again, but I need a solution. The first time it happened I replaced the HDMI cable with the fiber optic as recommended, but no luck, it went again. So looking for suggestions on how to solve this issue as I need to have an HDMI cable through the wall over 25 ft.

Any suggestions or experience with this? Thanks...
To my knowledge a fiber optic HDMI solution can't "load" the HDMI output of anything. There would be isolation due to the conversion from wire to optical to wire. It would also protect the receiver from over voltage coming from the projector.
I also doubt that a copper 25' HDMI cable could actually damage a receiver. It just may not work or stop working because HDMI is pretty weird in it way in interacts but I have never seen it actually cause the HDMI to stop working.
If you can find out what HDMI chips the Onkyo uses then get a receiver with a different brand it might help. I usually use Marantz receivers. They are popular with custom installers that set up similar systems. Sound really good too.
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