Only Planatronics headsets making constant buzzing noise.



It's a very low buzzing noise and I'm sure I could get used to it but I don't want to if I don't have to, I have Planatronics wireless headset and a gaming wired headset and both of them do this however my Creative headset that recently died and an Ozone headset that is still alive but not used, do not make this noise and I was wondering whether or not you lovely people could help me here, what could make one brand of headsets hum/buzz but not others and how do I fix it?


Okay so I plugged it into the BACK of my computer instead of on top/the front and it works FINE, I don't understand could somebody help me here? Again my other two none planatronics headsets did just FINE at the front of my tower but I'm not guessing the wireless one didn't work too well because I used a USB plug at the front of my tower too.

Why would this make a difference?
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