Opera Turbo for PC, and overall opera performance/features


Oct 16, 2014
I used opera a LONG time back, in the days of Windows ME.
Since then I switched to Firefox, and have been happy with it so far.
I'm now on a very limited internet connection, it's fast, but there's a download limit of 7GB per month, after which the connection is slowed down to 64Kbps(terribly slow).
Pages these days are so heavy, browsing with Firefox eats up the whole quota in like 15 days.
I am considering switching back to opera, for it's "Turbo" feature.

In the old days, opera turbo indeed made pages load faster on my 56kbps dial-up modem, but i switched to Firefox because a LOT of pages did not render correctly in Opera back then.
The current reason for considering a switch is not to make pages load faster (my connection is plenty fast for the first 7GB every month, pages open in seconds using Firefox), but to save data.

So my questions:
1>How good is Opera compared to Firefox? Is it worth switching?
2>How much data will I averagely save (browsing facebook, toms, anadtech, bbc, etc) if i switch to Opera? Significant? Or miniscule?
3>Do pages render properly in Opera these days?
4>Are add-ons available for opera? I use a LOT of add-ons in Firefox, and (almost) every firefox Add-on is awesome in my opinion.

I could install Opera myself and check it out, but i prefer not to install/uninstall software just to test it. Experience suggests doing this repeatedly can make Windows go crazy. If someone here is using Opera, please provide an unbiased answer to my questions.
Thank you.
1. Not sure. Nowadays Opera is more similar to chrome but more customizable (which is a good browser).
2. Not entirely sure. You can test this by downloading a program called networx which monitors bandwidth usage. Make sure during the installation to select the connection you want to monitor. Here is a guide on how to use networx: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/43561/ask-how-to-geek-how-can-i-monitor-my-bandwidth-usage/
3. Pages do render properly in Opera since it has a very similar rendering scheme to chrome.
4. Add-ons are available for opera. There's a good amount but not as much as firefox.
5. To limit bandwidth, id make sure to have adblocking and do not track software (but you probably do already). Also an image blocking addon helps too.
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