Optical to RCA converters. do they work? are they any good?


Nov 12, 2012
I have an AV reciever that does not have any optical ports. however i want to view my sky(sattelite TV) with sound coming out of all the five surround sound speakers and the one sub.
currently i have two speakers working as i am using a RCA cable connecting the sky box to the AV reciever.

i have contacted LG and they said i need to get an optical to RCA converter.

Then Run an optical cable from my TV optical port into the converter;
then run RCA leads from the converter into the AV reciever RCA ports.
is this correct?
how good will the sound be?
and could anyone recommend a good converter?
Your receiver has an RCA DIGITAL audio input right? If so then the hook up as you describe is fine except you will only have a single RCA lead from the converter. Use a cable that is designed for digital audio (must have accurate 75 ohm impedance). The sound will be fine. Don't think there is much if any difference between converters so just get one from a trusted seller so you can return a dud without hassle.
If your receiver only has L/R analog audio inputs then you don't need to change your connection but make sure that the receiver is set to Dolby so you get surround sound and check the audio menu settings on the skybox as well. You cannot get digital surround sound unless your receiver has digital inputs.