Oracle Alexandria wont power on


Apr 15, 2011
I have a original alexandria and when I purchased the player it worked, but then as time went on and the oracle was placed in a sealed box, the able no longer turns on there is one Carbon film resistor that needs to be replaced put I have not found any other issues what could be my issue...

I cannot find the resistor though... It is labeled 10 N 400 on it and is bright metallic silver

I verified the power supply was working, also that we were recieving voltage on the board and that all of the buttons work appropriatly all checked out with an ohm meter and verified my ribbon cables were correct.

Any help? a schematic for this lovely piece of history would be greatly enjoyed im willing to make a new amplification board but still dont have the know how on how to hook the motor circuit and amplification circuit on one piece of board.

musical marv

Feb 26, 2011
Go to a website called Audio Asylum where there are lots of articles on turntables regarding Oracle and delphi and can perhaps get your answer there.