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  1. S

    VMware Workstation vs. Oracle VM VirtualBox

    Which one is better? VMware or VirtualBox?
  2. U

    Looking for a notebook (Preferences listed in the thread)

    1. What is your budget? I can afford 1900$ at most. 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? I consider to buy a notebook which has 13 inches or 15 inches screen. 3. What screen resolution do you want? I want 1920x1080 screen resolution at least. 5. How much battery life...
  3. G

    How to Batch Swipe Emails in Mailbox

    Mailbox is designed to help you achieve inbox zero. Mailbox uses very simple gestures to clear your inbox. You can delete, archive, or schedule your email messages one by one or in bulk. To batch swipe emails in Mailbox, follow these steps: Step 1 Tap the Mailbox app on your phone screen to...
  4. V

    I want to buy a laptop to run Oracle EBS in standalone. So suggest me which laptop to buy which is under 30000

    Software to install - Oracle EBS R12 It uses approx. 210 gb space to install
  5. F

    Oracle Virtual Machine Error

    Hi gurus! Im trying to run a virtual box in my pc (WIN8, x64 ) everytime i attemp to run the Virtual drive, i'm having this error : Failed to open a session for the virtual machine Felixe. The virtual machine 'Felixe' has terminated unexpectedly during startup with exit code 1. Result Code...
  6. B

    system requirements for windows 7 and visual studio 2010 in virtual Box

    Hello to all the people in the forum. I want to install win7 in oracle virtual Box and there run visual studio 2010. But I have an older system. Its a AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3200+, 2009.325 MHz and the total memory is 2003 MiB. Might that work? Or should I perhaps take XP, VS2010 express...
  7. mjmcdonagh1

    Crystal Reports - 'Database Connection Error'

    Hello, Not sure how many Crystal Reports experts are out there but i'm looking for a bit of help if anyone could so oblige! Basically our Data Analyst/Crystal Reports Wizard/DBA/Oracle or Oracle etc left the company about a month ago and as she is yet to be replace i've been asked to fill in...
  8. Z

    Oracle Appeals Against Google's Android Ruling

    Google's use of Java in Android was "decidedly unfair". Oracle Appeals Against Google's Android Ruling : Read more
  9. N

    Java for android phones

    According to Oracle there is NO Java for Android? Am I wrong?
  10. JMcEntegart

    Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Buys Hawaiian Island of Lanai

    It's good to be Larry. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Buys Hawaiian Island of Lanai : Read more
  11. G

    Jury Finds Google Not Guilty of Infringing on Oracle Patents

    Looks like Google's won a round in the Oracle v. Google patent wars... Jury Finds Google Not Guilty of Infringing on Oracle Patents : Read more
  12. O

    Windows 8 & ubuntu 12.04 on oracle virtualbox?

    Windows xp pro sp3 Latest oracle virtualbox edition Virtualbox extension pack I have managed to install win xp win 7 and ubuntu 10.04 on virtualbox. But I can't manage to install windows 8 consumer preview or ubuntu 12.04 alpha. Both 32 bit versions. Windows 8 gives me this error message: Your...
  13. P

    How to find oracle odbc driver

    Hello, i am using oracle 10g and visual basic 6.0..for some reason i am getting a compiler error as 'no data sources and no default driver found' i added my system uid n password for oracle in the system dns for odbc connection. my os is 32 bit and windows 7 home basic...i dont know wat else to...
  14. C

    Help With Minus Statement (difference Between Tables)

    Hi everyone, I got a problem translating a query from Oracle to Access 2010 because I don't know how to write the 'MINUS'. I have to do the difference between two tables and I've tried using a 'LEFT JOIN' but I don't get the same result. Basically, given two input values, the query has to show...
  15. G

    Klausner Goes After Oracle Over Visual Voicemail Patent

    Klausner Technologies, headed up by the man who claims to have invented the PDA and electronics organizer, has found the next target to sue for visual voicemail licensing fees: Oracle. Klausner Goes After Oracle Over Visual Voicemail Patent : Read more
  16. D

    Oracle msca gui client with mobile 6.5 turns off the control Key functions

    Useing Oracle MSCA with a GUI client on Mobile 6.5 I loose the control key functions. How do I turn them back on?
  17. K

    Oracle Alexandria wont power on

    I have a original alexandria and when I purchased the player it worked, but then as time went on and the oracle was placed in a sealed box, the able no longer turns on there is one Carbon film resistor that needs to be replaced put I have not found any other issues what could be my issue... I...
  18. JMcEntegart

    Former HP CEO Mark Hurd Offered Job at Oracle

    It looks like Mark Hurd won't be out of work for long ... Former HP CEO Mark Hurd Offered Job at Oracle : Read more
  19. hell_storm2004

    Oracle 11g Installation Woes...

    Hi Everyone, I installed Oracle 11g yesterday with with PC running on Windows XP SP3. I have Kasperesky 2011 installed on my PC as well. The installation went on smoothly but soon after that KIS continuously notified that some PERL.exe file in the oracle installation had something...
  20. D

    Error while installing oracle

    hello, i was trying to install sql on my PC,but while entering the username and password,it shows an error as follows: ORA-12203: TNS:unable to connect to destination please provide a solution for the same thank you
  21. G

    The Best Paid CEO In The U.S.? Oracle's Larry Ellison

    Larry Ellison, who founded Oracle and has led the company for the past 31 years, is the best paid CEO in the U. The Best Paid CEO In The U.S.? Oracle's Larry Ellison : Read more