Panasonic TV Flickers black only with PS4


Jun 24, 2016
I have a Panasonic TV in my bedroom and when I connect my PS4 everything is fine, but then at times the screen would go completely black with audio and then go back to normal. It gets pretty annoying when it keeps happening over short periods of times when I use netflix and keep having to pause to not miss anything. I tried switching HDMI and that didn't seem to work, I then tried pairing the ps4 with my tv in living room and it is perfectly fine. I use chrome cast with my panasonic in bed room at times and it never flickered before. Only flickers when I connect PS4.

Issues Summarized..
1. Plug in the ps4 the panasonic screen will flicker black and then back to normal for couple seconds then flicker back on. Even with screen off it will still have audio
2. Switched HDMI and still flickers, tried with google chromecast and it works fine only with the ps4 it flickers.
3. tried ps4 on my other tv and there is no flicker.