Solved! PC Build Complete! Last problem is connecting 5.1 to my old A/V receiver and 4k TV.


Aug 21, 2017
Hi! I've pretty pleased at the moment as my PC build went well. (Other than a scare with bent CPU pins). One last issue I'm having is getting 5.1 out of my 15 year old Onkyo Reciever. I've been playing around with settings but am still having a hell of a time getting it to work.

At the moment this is my current setup

* RX 580 Graphics card / B450M Bazooka MOBO ----Via Hdmi---> TCL 55S423 TV. (this covers video signal)

* TCL 55S423 -----Optical Cable out-----> Onkyo TX-SR674 Reciever Optical in (connects audio signal to TV)

* 5.1 system pieced together ---speaker wire----> Onkyo TX-SR674

The TV Transmits stereo sound to the PC just fine, and plays full 5.1 over Smart TV features well, but even after updating drivers on the mobo/graphics card, I can't seem to enable 5.1 on the PC. I don't even think that's an option with optical cable. So I want to run HDMI audio from the Receiver to the PC or vice-versa.

The receiver has HDMI in/out but since it's old the video signal caps out at 1080p.

So my question is how can I get 5.1 working on my PC with HDMI Audio and still directly connect the Graphics card to the TV for video.

On the receiver I've played with the settings and I've seen an HDMI audio option and a way to choose which IN for which preset (Video 1, video 2, etc.) but the only way I've actually gotten any sound to work with the PC is with the optical cable out of the TV into the Onkyo.

Hope all this makes sense

Thank you!
Since you get 5.1 over the optical output of the TV there is no problem with the TV or AVR.
Since you are getting sound from the PC - TV - AVR but not 5.1 HDMI is set as your audio device. If there isn't a setting to select 5.1 in the audio or video control panel then check the playback software audio settings as well as the content. You won't get 5.1 if the content is 2.0 unless you select a surround mode such as Dolby PrologicII which is designed to separate out of phase content from a stereo source and direct it to the center and surrounds. Not as good as digital surround but may be better than stereo.
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