PC can't detect any wifi (window 10)

Jun 1, 2018

I am writing to you because my PC can't find any wifi. I've had some problems with that for a while, but restarting the computer seemed to work. Now, nothing will work and I'm stuck without any internet on my laptop. I've tried what seems like everything. I downgraded to a former version of windows 10, I try to restore the PC while keeping my files. I try the function to search for wifi problems, but it just asks me to use an internet cable as if it couldn't use any wifi.

I've watched videos on youtube for a solution, and went to the device manager to update the realtek wireless wifi or something in that name. But I can't seem to find it in the manager, but then again, I've never been intersted in finding it so maybe it has another name I don't know.

More information if necessary : Since Windows 10 last update, I've had trouble with my PC when starting it. If I shut it down the normal way, and I start the computer, it gets stuck on the HP logo and won't do anything else, even if press any keys like f5 or so. Because of that, I've had to shut it off the hard way, but holding the on/off buttom. That was the only way to get it to start again when it got blocked, and that happened almost everytime I had to start my pc after I shut it off normally. I really really hope this did not mess up my wifi card.

Thank-you for reading me, and possibly giving me advice on what I can do to fix that problem.

Have a great day.


run virus / malware scanner. but it's a definite possibility that your wifi card has failed. replacements are cheap and they are easy to replace.
it's possible that because it has failed, it is no longer detected in the device manager, which would be why you couldn't see it listed in device manager.
Jun 1, 2018
Hello, I finally found a cable to at least be able to get internet through that, so I'll try runing the scanner.

I've never opened a computer in my life, and my computer seems quite hard to do so with (it's a HP Pavilion 17-F170 NF). But if I am able to open it, how to I know what card to buy ? Are there specific ones per computer like the battery ?

Also, should I try doing a whole system reboot, or would that just be a loss of time ?

Thank you for your reply.
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