PC Surround system - set up to TV?


Feb 1, 2013
Hello all,

I'm finally moving into the HDTV age. Getting a Toshiba 1080p smart TV. I want a decent surround sound setup but am wondering if I could somehow use my Creative T7700 7.1 speaker set for the job. I got that set with my PC way back but I just don't use it on my PC. Can it be set up with a TV somehow? I'd imagine a special external sound card would be required but I dont know.

Hope someone can advise me. Thanks in advance!
Creative made the DDTS-100 for that purpose so if you have that you would just connect the TV via optical audio out to the speaker set up. There is no kind of external sound card for you TV. It does have USB but no drivers to use it the way you could if it were a PC.